"The Young and the Restless" cast, including Eric Braeden (Victor), Daniel Hall (Scott), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Peter Bergman (Jack), Max Shippee (Graham), Marla Adams (Dina), Jason Thompson (Billy), Doug Davidson (Paul), Judith Chapman (Gloria), Sharon Case (Sharon), Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Ryan Ashton (Zack) and Gina Tognoni (Phyllis), will be featured in the soap's episodes from Thursday to Friday. They will be part of important scenes such as Victor's warning for Scott, Victoria's medical diagnosis and Gloria getting accused by Billy of doing something.

Spoiler alert! This update contains 'Young and Restless' spoilers. Read on to learn more about what will happen next in Genoa City.

'The Young and the Restless' episodes on Thursday and Friday

According to Soaps.sheknows, The Abbotts will prepare for a showdown that could turn ugly. As for the Newmans, they will arrive at the hospital and interrogate Billy. Meanwhile, Ashley will accompany Jack to confront Graham. They will also find Dina and discover something about her that will shock them. Plus, Victoria will realise something as she finds out about her medical diagnosis. The findings spell disaster for Brash & Sassy (B&S).

Zack packs up to leave town

Elsewhere, someone will request for Victor's help and Paul will bust into the motel room where Scott woke up. He'll bring other cops with him. Watch out for the appearances of Suzanne Lloyd (Tracey Bregman’s mother) and Molly Wolbeck (Kate Linder’s mum). They will portray patrons at an out-of-town upscale hotel. Meanwhile, Scott's attempt to get help will backfire. As for Zack, he'll pack up and leave Genoa City.

Scott receives a warning from Victor and Michael

On Friday, Victor will warn Scott about something important. Victor will also demand information on who poisoned the face masks. As for Billy, he will accuse Gloria. Meanwhile, Scott will also be warned by Michael about his expectations. As for Lauren, she will throw snide and critical comments at Sharon. Elsewhere, Abby and Zack's relationship will head to a direction they both didn't expect. Plus, Jack will reach out to Dina but she won't accept his help. Click here to see some sneak peek photos from the CBS website.

More 'Y&R' spoilers

Victoria will appear as a guest on a live episode of The Hilary Hour. However, she will have a medical issue while she's there. As for Phyllis, she'll set up Billy to read a text from Jack on her phone. Then, she'll reveal that she knows he was the one who used her computer to access the server of Jabot.

'The Young and the Restless' recap

Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" featured Chelsea being asked by Victoria to keep an important secret. As for Juliet (Laur Allen), Cane (Daniel Goddard) promised her something. Billy's deceptive scheme was also exposed. On Tuesday, Jack was comforted by Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Meanwhile, Billy scrambled to fix his relationship with Phyllis. As for Lily, she cut herself loose from a situation. Wednesday's episode showed Scott getting a rude awakening. Elsewhere, Phyllis stood her ground while Victoria's damage control backfired.

The twist and turns in these episodes follow last week's dramatic scenes including Phyllis pressuring Billy to come clean and Victoria losing control. It also showed how Ashley discovered an unconscious Dina. Graham left Dina for dead and Ashley wanted to get the real story straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

"The Young and the Restless" episodes air on Foxtel Arena in Australia during weekdays. It also airs weekdays on CBS in the US. Stay tuned for more Y&R updates.

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