Minion has become the most searched word of 2015, in Merriam Webster English language dictionary. One of the reasons probably behind this is the release of “Minions” film, which grossed over a billion at the box office across the world.

The word ‘Minion’ figures on number 11 slot in Merriam Webster’s list of most-searched words, and it has witnessed a growth of 107 percent since 2014. The word ‘Minion’ has been ranked on the basis of highest page views on the site, according to Quartz.

Minions caught the attention of the world when the yellow creatures made a comeback this year with a new film “Minions” that premiered in June in London. It was later released in the US in July. Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock voiced the character of the villain, Scarlet Overkill.

The spinoff got mixed reviews and grossed over one billion dollars, becoming the third animation film to cross the billion dollar mark following “Toy Story 3” and “Frozen.”

“Despicable Me” is the original film that featured the little creatures and was released in 2010. Later there was the sequel “Despicable Me 2” in 2013 and now this year the prequel “Minions” was released. Another sequel is scheduled for release in 2017. The 3D animated franchise is produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures.

According to data provided by Neilson, “Minions” has grabbed the top slot in the national home video sales charts the week ended Dec. 13. The third instalment in the “Despicable Me” franchise has earned more than $336 million in the US theatres. It made its debut on the number one position on both Nielsen VideoScan’s overall disc chart and the Blu-ray Disc-only sales chart, Variety reports.

“Minions” is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, as per the official Twitter account of the movie. The sale of “Minions” and “Ant-Man” Blu-ray Disc has generated 63 per cent of their total unit sales from Blu-ray Disc, according to Nielsen.

Also, for someone looking for last-minute Minion gift ideas for the holidays for a minion lover, here are a plethora of them from Etsy and Amazon. There is also an interesting sweet treat this Christmas. British gums and jelly brand Haribo has unveiled its new treat, Haribo Minions and Haribo Tangy Minions in tubs.

[Source: YouTube/Illumination]

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