Microsoft is bringing a solution for Xbox One owners so they can buy Xbox 360 games directly on the Xbox One. The announcement came from the Xbox Head Phil Spencer, though he did not cite a specific date for the feature.

In a Twitter conversation, a fan asked Spencer to make backward compatible games from the Xbox 360 available for purchase directly on the Xbox One. Spencer confirmed this fact in response.

“We have heard this request and we are working on a solution,” Spencer said over his official Twitter.

Backwards compatibility for the Xbox One has fueled the interest of gamers and now Microsoft has more interest in playing games released on Microsoft's previous console but, currently, the Xbox 360 games must be purchased through the using a browser. The backward compatibility feature was introduced in November alongside more than 100 titles including “Gears of War,” “Fallout 3,” “Assassin’s Creed II,” “Borderlands” and “Castle Crashers.” Microsoft promised via the Xbox Wire that more titles will come in succeeding months..

The rise in demand is due to the purchasing system on the Xbox 360 that makes is credit card compulsory for every purchase made through the Xbox 360. Even if a player has balance in an Xbox account, the players will be asked to provide their credit card details to download games. The same applies for the free games as well. While on the other side, the Xbox One doesn’t require payment details. As many Xbox One owners use Gift cards these days, they feel helpless when it comes to downloading games from the Xbox 360. At present, the Xbox One owners buy the Xbox 360 titles online or they need to check actual 360 marketplace for every purchase.

In addition, Microsoft has announced a System Update releasing today. The latest update isn't all about fixing bugs of system and the edge browser. Those expecting any additional content or surprise from the latest update should know that this new update is only for system improvements.

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E3 2013 Xbox Briefing: Xbox 360 (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)