Xbox  One S
The Xbox One S has seen a significant increase in demand and sales. Xbox

Microsoft has launched five new Backwards Compatibility games for Xbox One. The GTA 5 Online Biker DLC 2 pack has also been released. The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games include “Pure,” “Rayman Legends” and “Burnout Paradise.”

Every Gold subscriber will be able to play “Burnout Paradise” from December as the game is part of the Games with Gold December 2016 lineup, reports Express. Fans are however still waiting eagerly for the “BioShock” trilogy to arrive in the Backwards Compatibility library, as promised by Microsoft.

It seems Microsoft is looking to end this year on a high as it has already confirmed “Outland” on Xbox 360 and “Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition” on Xbox One to be the games to go live first in December. These will be followed by “Outlast” and “Burnout Paradise.” Microsoft has confirmed the entire list of Games with Gold December 2016 lineup.

The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility game list has also added “Military Madness” and “Omega Five.” Users may buy these games with online from the Xbox store or through the Xbox One console itself. In case a player already owns Xbox 360 games, the games may automatically show up under the My Games and Apps section in the Xbox One dashboard.

The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list seems to be growing for Microsoft and interestingly, some high-profile titles, “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” have also been spotted as Backwards Compatible on the Xbox Live Black Friday sale site. Unfortunately, Xbox's Larry Hryb dismissed the listings as a mistake and stated that none of the two would be made Backwards Compatible as of now.

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) fans, who recently discovered the final vehicles that would be added in November, have also found out what more may follow. New codes within the game point toward six clubhouse interiors. This has led many to believe that Rockstar may launch a follow-up update for the GTA 5 Online Biker DLC in coming months.