The Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games with Gold for August have been released. Xbox

After speculations on which games will be made available for free via the Xbox Games with Gold for August, Microsoft has released a video confirming some suspicions.

For Xbox One players, the start of August brings “Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.” The samurai and dynasty warriors have one quest, which is to defeat Orochi. Starting Aug. 16, players can choose to become any of the top fighters in “WWE 2K16.” The game has the most expansive roster to date, and a lot of detailed fighters to put the real battle in the ring right in the game.

Xbox 360 players can look forward to “Spelunky.” This was previously leaked by tipster @ekim, and sure enough, the game has made it to the list. Players can experience every level in a different way as they are all procedurally made in “Spelunky.”

Finally, in the middle of the month, “Beyond Good & Evil HD” will be available. The game puts players in the shoes of investigative reporter Jane as she tries to uncover a sinister conspiracy with her pig-uncle.

As usual, the four games are all playable via Xbox One, thanks to the backward compatibility feature.

Just before August starts, members of the Preview Program can look forward to a new build for the Xbox One Anniversary update. DualShockers spotted the new versions, which is rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160722-1911.

In this version, the Universal Windows Apps get some much needed tweaks and fixes. There are no new big features added with the new update. However, as far as games are concerned, some content purchased via the new Store will only be available on consoles that are enrolled in the latest Preview update.

This brings a few clauses for users. Games purchased using a console that has the latest Preview update can only be played in that console or other Xbox One consoles that have been updated to the latest Preview version. Games purchased on and those purchased using a console that only has the previous update can be played on any console.

Additionally, the newest build does not yet reflect all parental control features. Hence, Microsoft also advised that those with kids should make sure that they are supervised when using an Xbox One with the latest Preview build.

Games with Gold for August (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)