“X-Factor UK” host Caroline Flack has reportedly enlisted the help of a personal trainer, after she saw trolls targeting her with cruel jokes on her weight and appearance on social media.

Flack, who broke down during an episode of "X-Factor UK," quit Twitter for a week, according to Mirror. She, however, has now returned with a powerful message for her body shamers.

“It's very easy to take a shot at someone online. The vile comments about my weight and just all round look tonight are quite shocking ....,” she wrote on Twitter.

The 36-year-old host also tweeted “... Have never said I'm the prettiest or thinnest or even anything special... But thank god I'm not horrible... Cool attitudes."

In an interview with the Irish Daily Star, Flack revealed that the vile jibes about her weight and appearance were painful for her mother. She said that the comments on her appearance on "X-Factor" were very much below the belt.

“I then looked and it was really personal and horrible… It upsets my mum more. She’s phoned me in tears. She can’t cope with people being horrible to me,” she said.

Flack said it was the “personal things” that hurt her, adding that people pick on “everything” -- “your hair, your dress, your weight.”

The host also said that she need to develop a “thick skin,” adding that this doesn’t mean that she could handle every “bullet” that is fired at her. “Some of it really hurts. I’m not pretending to be the best presenter in the world or the best looking woman. I’m just doing my job,” she said.

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