Cyrus Villanueva’s win at the “X-Factor Australia” 2015 has become a tale of inspiration for everyone at his community in Kanahooka, Wollongong.

When the 19-year-old recently visited Kanahooka High School, everyone showered him with praise, including his former high school music teacher Sharon Dedini. ABC reported that the newly-crowned winner of “X-Factor Australia” also brought his mentor Chris Isaak to meet everyone.

Dedini said that Villanueva has been an outstanding student during his stay at Kanahooka high school, and he displayed the same trait in "X-Factor Australia" 2015.

“He was good at everything -- he wanted to explore all avenues, but in the last few years when he did his HSC, his ability to have an emotional impact on the audience really came to light,” she said.

The teacher added that the singer’s achievement in the competition will serve as an inspiration for other students who aspire to succeed in music. She acknowledged that not everyone is gifted like the talented Villanueva, but music will always give everyone a purpose in life.

“It’s raised the bar for everyone here, and now this is the standard. What he’s done is so inspiring, and in time, it will become more evident,” she said.

The Filipino-Australian artist finished his high school years in Kanahooka High, and Dedini helped him to hone his musical skills. According to his teacher, Villanueva would always sing the songs that he relates to and stylistically enjoyed.

Dedini also said that the young singer has been able to deal with questioning, dancing and acting during the competition. She continued, “What he’s doing up there is great and he’s a great role model for students here.”

During “X-Factor Australia,” Villanueva proved that he not only sings but also plays musical instruments. The singer revealed to Daily Telegraph that he learned to play the guitar through instructional videos on YouTube.

The 19-year-old singer said his father Jo, who was a musician, was the one who encouraged him to learn the proper way of playing the guitar.

“I used to play a ukulele -- and because the ukulele only has four strings -- I’d play the same chords on the guitar but I’d only use four strings and dad was like: ‘Why don’t you just learn how to play the guitar properly?’ So then I just went on YouTube and I YouTubed some chords and some songs and I kind of grew from there,” he explained.

Before auditioning for “X-Factor Australia,” he was playing at gigs and his experience made him realise how much he love music.

The Wollongong teenager recalled that he auditioned for "X-Factor Australia" 2015 wearing his jeans and jogger, he had never thought that he would win the crown.

“I definitely didn’t think I would get to where I am today,” he said.

He is now set to kick off his music career with Sony Music Australia.

Watch Villanueva held his tears while performing “Stone” on “X-Factor Australia” below.

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