The World Wrestling Entertainment rolled out the red carpet for the return of former world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan which incidentally occurred during the re-programming of Smackdown. The weekly show is being moved to Thursdays nights at Syfy and it has put front and centre the first in-ring action of the Aberdeen underdog against Kane.

Prior to the match (which was taped Tuesday, Jan. 12), Bryan discussed the potential change in style which is not largely attributable to the neck injury he suffered way back in 2014. Bryan was initially diagnosed to be out for a minimum of 8 weeks which turned to 8 months after a serious neck injury necessitated invasive surgery.

The 33-year-old fighter revealed that he suffered the mishap during a Monday Night Raw match with Randy Orton when during one moment he did a dive out of the ring, missed and in the process, crashed into the guard rail. Bryan relayed in an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report that when he landed he felt a stinger or numbness in his arms which he ignored at first. After the match, he was diagnosed with a disc in his neck. Despite this he continued fighting on until the pain was too sharp that he was slowly being rid of normal activities such as opening doors and igniting a car key.

Bryan and the WWE have worked around changing the ragtag style of the man who started the "Yes!" movement. The former professional wrestler explained that the modifications are not directly being considered because of his neck history but largely in part to cope with the direction of the company and the evolving taste of the fandom.

"I will(change the style), but not necessarily because of my injury. It's something where your style has to constantly evolve. I like to look at wrestling as the most artsy of all the martial arts. It's a very creative process, what we're doing is artistic creative combat. So as such, it needs to evolve," Bryan revealed to U.S. television show Alternative Nation during an interview (via Inquistr).

(Warning: Spoilers appear below)

Followers of Bryan will be ecstatic to know that leaks of the taped Smackdown episode have generated positive reception specifically Bryan's return to the ring. The former ROH Pure Wrestling Champion tussled with Kane for the second time (if one counts the verbal jabs at RAW) and the one-on-one match turned into a tag team fight when Jaime Noble and Joey Mercury appeared to interfere.

Expectedly, Bryan buddies Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose appeared with much fanfare and turned the tides. In the end, Bryan pinned Kane what appears to be the second of third match leading up to Royal Rumble. The same spoilers revealed that husband to Brie Bella will have to win the final match against long-time nemesis Kane next week at Raw to be granted entry into the 30-man roster for the 2015 Royal Rumble at the Well Fargo Centre in Philadelphia this Jan. 25.

Watch the assault between Kane and Bryan in Raw below:


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