Bray Wyatt has thrown his hat into the 30-man roster that will compete in the upcoming 2015 Royal Rumble at Wells Fargo Arena, Philadelphia on Jan. 25. This development gives Wyatt, one of the top heels in the business, a chance to grab a win and an assurance of heavyweight championship match at Wrestlemania 31.

"And this long winding road will lead me to a new destination for in three weeks' time Bray Wyatt will arrive at the Royal Rumble and 29 other will join me. And 29 others will fall. Run!" Wyatt declared during the Jan. 9 edition of Smackdown.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the recent win of Wyatt over long-time rival Dean Ambrose in the first ambulance match of the year Monday Night Raw solidifies the musings that he is being prepared for a match-up with Taker. The WWE is apparently closely monitoring the health of the man who made the Tombstone signature move in hopes of pitting him in another Wrestlemania event. The longest-tenured employee of the WWE hopes to put behind the end of his streak at the last iteration of the pay-per-view event when he infamously bowed down to current champion Brock "The Beast Incarnate" Lesnar.

The 27-year-old Wyatt is among the crop of wrestlers who are hopeful of getting a shot at the 49-year-old Undertaker. Triple H and new acquisition Sting are long been flanked against the name of Taker but no official announcement have been made. Triple H has been trying to arrange a match with the Dead Man while Vince McMahon is looking into the appeal of a "retirement" match for Sting and his most loyal employee. Undertaker who is also known as Mark Calaway in real life has been with the outfit since 1990 and his recent head injuries have sidelined him for an extended period. The legendary wrestler will be pushing 50 by March and it is unclear if he will continue for much longer.

The young heel and in Wyatt has tried all kinds of gimmicks to align himself as one of the new generation's foil. He has lured Daniel Bryan to his family only to be rebuffed more than a month later, he has also repeatedly suggested that there is a monster persona to John Cena's allure but still has not have had success in bringing him over the fence. With his long standing feed with Ambrose all but concluded at the Ambulance match, the former title holder of the Florida Tag Team championship is expectedly seeking greener pastures at Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

Watch Bray Wyatt's announcement that he is joining the 30-man roster for Royal Rumble:


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