WWE Insider Provides Update Regarding Gargano's Contract Situation

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Johnny Gargano
Former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano's contract is set to expire on December 3 with no word yet on whether he will re-sign.

Former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano is yet to sign an extension with WWE, and it could be a sign that he is considering a change of scenery, according to renowned pro wrestling insider Dave Meltzer.

In a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer took time to talk about the NXT star’s future with the company.

“They want him to sign a multi-year contract and he has not done that and the fact that he has not tells you that he is certainly exploring all options. It’s not as open and shut as some people because to me Adam Cole was open and shut. There was only one decision for Adam Cole to make…Gargano, there’s probably two decisions and I don’t know which way he’s going,” he disclosed.

In early September, Adam Cole made the shocking move to leave the then-black-and-gold brand and reunite with his friends Kenny Omega and the rest of The Elite in AEW, to much of the wrestling world’s surprise.

Cole had been dropping heavy-handed hints throughout the last weeks of his WWE tenure, including an assurance to his fans that he would be keeping his Twitch channel regardless of what happens.

Add in the fact that Cole had reportedly turned down multiple offers from WWE and a rumored call up to the main roster.

With that said, the likelihood of Gargano exiting grows likely.

The alleged signs of his departure were made even more clear after the November 23 episode of NXT 2.0.

He was booked in a triple threat match in the main event of the show against Pete Dunne and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes for the title.

Gargano took Hayes’ diving leg drop finisher and the subsequent pinfall, a sign that the performer might be leaning towards a departure.

Even before NXT 2.0, the very first NXT Triple Crown Champion had already removed any references of the brand from his social media pages.

With a December 3 deadline looming above Gargano’s decorated six-year run with the company, fans can only hold their breath for so long before knowing where he goes next.

The 34-year-old had symbolized what WWE Chief Operating Officer and then-executive producer of NXT Triple H had been envisioning: a place where pro wrestlers from all walks of life get a shot at the spotlight.

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