With the way things are going, AJ Lee might just follow her husband, CM Punk on the way out of the World Wrestling Entertainment. The Divas star reportedly was put in the negative light by some of her colleagues after her "Slammy Speech" last Dec.8.

At first, a lot of the fans perceived her Slammy Awards acceptance speech after being named as the Diva of the Year as a sort of farewell to her fans. The Wrestling Observer reports otherwise and says that the message was actually directed as a criticism to her other Divas superstars. Due to this, many are wondering if the former Divas champion is actually on leave due to an injury or that Stephanie McMahon and company are easing her out.

After all, Lee was visibly by the side of her husband particularly during UFC 181 when CM Punk was on the sidelines to show his support for the new company. Punk was recently signed by UFC President Dana White to a contract and all indications point to him leaving the wrestling world for good. This begs the question on how long Lee will stay on as one of the talents of Vince McMahon. If her removal from the WWE Main Event introduction a month ago, she is also likely on the outside looking in after a backstage incident which is being kept under wraps by the company.

Nevertheless, if the reports that she is nursing a leg injury are accurate, fans would have to wait until the first quarter of 2015 just to see her grace the ring once again. After all, she still has to complete her storyline against the Bella twins. According to sources, Lee has been fighting hurt during the recent pay-per-view events in particular during her Divas Title fight against Nikki Bella and now she is taking some time off to nurse herself back to pink health. The original plan in place was that Lee would suffer an injury during a fight in the ring which would justify her absence but that no longer materialized. Due to this, the contention for the best woman fighter in the WWE is now being offered to other up and comers such as Naomi and Natalya.

Watch Lee deliver her Slammy Awards acceptance speech below:

(Youtube/Ahdir Aafaq)