WWE WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns
The Undertaker and Roman Reigns square off before their WrestleMania 33 match. Video screen grab / WWE Youtube Official

2K Sports has a tough grind ahead as it tries to double-down on "WWE 2K18." After going all out with "WWE 2K17," game developers will have to find a way to make the next instalment a whole lot better.

Much of this was covered in a previous post where the early bird stars underwent re-scanning for the game. That included Cesaro and AJ Styles, after which other top WWE stars are expected to follow for "WWE 2K18."

Speaking of WWE stars, most are eager to find out the new additions to the "WWE 2K18" roster. Kurt Angle is one of the leading favourites, likely rendering him as a general manager and a wrestler. If so, gamers may see the return of the "Angle Slam" and the "Ankle Lock," which should bring up some nostalgia for avid fans.

Aside from the former WWE champion, there are others to look out for. There's the "Hardy Boyz" (Matt and Jeff Hardy) as well as Mickie James, stars who have returned after testing life outside the WWE. Other new faces in the mix are expected to come from the WWE NXT brand.

Among the new faces in the WWE developmental circuit include Bobby Roode and Aleister Black, both now atop the WWE NXT charts. There are plenty more up-and-coming wrestlers there, though their inclusion may depend on the impact they have on actual WWE shows.

Other than WWE stars, it would not be surprising to hear gamers wanting more features. The "Showcase Mode" was conspicuously stricken out of "WWE 2K17," so bringing it back may be possible. And if so, the best WWE icon to focus on would be The Undertaker.

The Undertaker retired at Wrestlemania 33, capping a colourful WWE run. The "Dead Man" bowed to Roman Reigns at the Camping World Stadium, an exit that most people found abrupt. While his in-ring appearances may have come to a halt, 2K Sports could continue his saga via the video game route.

These suggested features should make plenty of sense for "WWE 2K18," but they may not be immediately included in the base package. They could be optional add-ons, meaning 2K Sports could end up seeking additional pay to have them inserted on the next WWE 2K installment.

It has happened before, so thechances of seeing premium DLC packs to "WWE 2K18" should not come as a surprise. But before anything else, it would be best to see what lies ahead – something that could be revealed somewhere between October and November.