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With the success of WWE 2K17, 2K Sports may have its work cut out for them with WWE 2K18. The next installment is due this fall, and it will be interesting what improvements game developers will implement on the next version.

The coming of WWE 2K18 was made official when Take-Two Interactive revealed its earnings report. Aside from the release date (which hardly comes as a surprise since it is done regularly), there were no other details on what to expect for WWE 2K18.

In WWE 2K17, there were already about 172 playable characters that gamers could use. But even with the large number, there are still some wrestlers who have yet to join the elite cast. Among the names who could join the WWE 2K18 roster include Tyler Bate, Ember Moon, James Ellsworth, Mickie James, the Hardy Boyz and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle.

Most are the latest WWE stars elevated to the regular shows, so seeing them added is almost certain. But how about the old faces who have left the WWE? Will they still be around? For those who have closely monitored the show, the answer depends on who are still around and who has left the company.

There could be iterations moving forward, although the number of WWE stars gamers want to see remain aplenty. To date, AJ Styles and Cesaro have reportedly undergone re-scanning, hinting that 2K Sports is busy preparing for WWE 2K18.

WWE 2K18 is more than likely to be announced somewhere between October and November. SummerSlam could be the best time to reveal such, as there occurs the pay-per-view when the new WWE 2K game is normally announced. There will be new pre-order bonuses and DLC goodies expected as well, likely WWE stars who have been a hit with the fans.

While the WWE 2K18 characters are providing the suspense, there is also the game performance and graphics. WWE 2K17 already rendered a pretty impressive installment, so expectations are that 2K Sports will maximize what latest gen game consoles have to offer.

It is still unclear on which console the game would run on. Regardless, a version for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC is more than likely to be offered. The following months are expected to render more updates on the game, touching on the WWE stars appearing (both old and new) and added features most failed to see on WWE 2K17.