“WWE 2K16” is finally available to the public. However, fans may be wondering why even with the launch day already in full swing, there is still not an official review in sight.

It appears that reviews of various sites have been embargoed to hold their reviews of “WWE 2K16” a day after the release date. Fans are already talking about it over at Reddit, where some are expressing their worry

“A big roster doesn’t mean they fixed the wacky control issues from the previous year’s game,” said Redditor jaundicedmanatee. The Reddit user added that one common issue from “WWE 2K15” is

Truly, the biggest feature that “WWE 2K16” boasts is the biggest roster to date. However, there have been tangible improvements from last year’s game, including the expansion of the custom character creation slots from 25 to 100 for “WWE 2K16.”

Not everyone is expressing concern over the late appearance of reviews. Redditor TheHeroicOnion stated that “WWE 2K16” is a lot better than last year’s “WWE 2K15.”

The common thread of thought among users is that they are worried that the game may be bad, Segment Next reported. If this is the case, it will be even worse for players who have preordered the game. According the source, one possible explanation for the embargo on reviews is that there is something that the developer is that they may be bad. This is not an assurance, however, but considering how last year’s game was received, some fans can’t help but be cautious.

However, there are some games that have been assaulted by bad reviews but turned out to have a big fan base in the end. “Destiny” is one of those games, which had overcome its negative initial thoughts and ended up being one of the most-played shooter to date.

For now, “WWE 2K16” is already available on the current-gen and last-gen versions of the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. In a press release obtained by Wrestlezone, 2K announced assured fans that the game will bring a comprehensive game experience, improved Creation Suite and online offerings and other gameplay enhancements.

The press release does mention that the game has built upon last year’s iteration. As such, it included enhancements that target better controls. There is also a new reversal system, pin system and chain wrestling, which are the top three control changes seen for “WWE 2K16.”

"WWE 2K16" creation suite trailer (Credit: YouTube/WWE 2K)

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