Woman Accused Of Mutilating Corpse Of Boyfriends' Ex-Girlfriend

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A woman from Oklahoma, who was previously accused of slitting the corpse of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, is now facing charges for removing the woman’s body parts. Shaynna Sims, 26, was said to have removed her dead victim’s breasts and a toe during the funeral service in Tulsa.

According to the witnesses present during the funeral viewing, Sims reached into the coffin. The face of the woman was later found to have been slashed from the hairline all the way from the tip of the nose. Hair strands fell onto the floor and the dead woman’s makeup was smudged, the police said. When the woman was about to be cremated, it was found that some body parts were missing. "We don't have anything that she has openly said to anyone as to why she did it," Tulsa Police Sgt. Shane Tuell said. "At this point, we don't know what her motivation was."

Sims was arrested by the police on April 30 at the victim’s apartment, where she was also found to carry the dead woman’s shoes and a knife with strands of the victim’s hair attached to it. If Sims would be found guilty, she could serve a 5-year sentence in prison.

At present, Sims is free on bond. Phone messages were sent to her and her lawyers, but they have not answered to any of them. The dead woman’s relatives also remained uncontacted. According to the prosecutors, they will ask the judge to upturn the bond due to the additional charges related to the mutilation of a deceased’s body parts. Nonetheless, the prosecutors have not anskd for a specific amount of bond yet, said the district attorney’s office.

The preliminary hearing of Sims is scheduled on May 27, where she will face three other felony charges, including larceny, concealing/ receiving stolen property and first degree burglary. On top of that she is also set to face two misdemeanors of unauthorised dissection and disturbance of a funeral.

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