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Cast member Peter Dinklage attends the premiere for the sixth season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" in Los Angeles April 10, 2016. Reuters/Phil McCarten

Author George R. R. Martin has a way of foreshadowing future events by adding clues in his books. A fan theory suggests that one such hint is in the Cyvasse game that Tyrion played, and this game may have revealed the events in “Winds of Winter.” The following article contains spoilers from “A Dance with Dragons” and possibly the next book in the series.

In a post on Reddit, a fan suggests that the cyvasse game represents the game of thrones, and the way the players use strategies in the board game is a reflection of how they will act later. The post is mostly focused on Tyrion Lannister, whose journey has been a rather interesting one. The character is set to fight against his own family in the future.

Tyrion has been explicit about what he wants right now. He wants to use Daenerys’ power to exact vengeance on Cersei, and also claim Casterly Rock, which should belong to him by right. The only characters who are able to match the shrewd tactician’s moves are Varys and Illyrio.

What has this got to do with the cyvasse game Tyrion played against Aegon? The game may have revealed the future of some of the characters in “Winds of Winter.” The fan theory suggests that Aegon is the dragon that gets trapped on the other side of the board, which makes the king (Illyrion) vulnerable in the game.

Tyrion had encouraged Aegon to travel to Westeros, and meet Daenerys later as an equal. A premature invasion may get the young prince into trouble, and since Ilyrion and Varys have invested time and resources on him; they will have to take steps to protect him. This would make their position weak, especially opening Pentos for attacks. The theory suggests that this will give the Imp enough time to movie in for the kill, and take out his only real opponents in Westeros.

The sample chapters from the next book that Martin has released so far show that Aegon and his Golden Company has secured a foothold in Westeros. Things seem to be going well for them at the moment, as they seek to build alliances with other Houses.

War rages on in Westeros, and Daenerys is yet to find stability in Essos. The Mother of Dragons is expected to cross the Narrow Sea in “Winds of Winter.” Will Aegon get trapped, and need to be rescued? If the theory turns out to be right, Tyrion will be the one to gain the most in the end.