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George RR Martin is known for cryptic hints and symbolism in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Some of the clues he left in the previous books may reveal their secrets when “Winds of Winter” is released. In the meantime, a fan theory looks at the significance of the “red door” for Daenerys, and how that could have an impact on the future storyline. [The following article contains spoilers.]

Following the sack of King’s Landing during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, Daenerys never really had a home. The only fond memory she has of her childhood is the house with the red door. A fan theory posted on Reddit looks at what the future significance of this could be.

The fan notes that Maester Cressen has revealed that the design of Targaryen castles have features like carvings of dragons, animals, gargoyles and large red doors that lead into the Great Hall. Such features may be found at Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of Daenerys.

This childhood fixation on the red door may have an impact in “Winds of Winter,” in which Daenerys is expected to return to Westeros. The fan theory suggests that the Mother of Dragons could feel at home in Dragonstone. This sense of belonging may be the fuel she needs to actively plan the conquest of the rest of the kingdoms in Westeros.

Commenting on the post, another fan suggests that what Daenerys has been looking for actually is a home, and perhaps a family. What she thinks she wants is the Iron Throne. So, when she feels she has a place in Dragonstone, the theory suggests, the Mother of Dragons could give up her claim to the Iron Throne.

There are a lot of contenders for the Iron Throne. Apart from Aegon, there is also Jon Snow in the north, if he comes back to life. The HBO TV series has already confirmed that Kit Harington’s character is actually Lyanna and Rhaegar’s son, making him the heir to the Targaryen throne.

However, some of the other fans point out how strong Daenerys’ desire for the Iron Throne is. Ever since she was a child, she was told about the injustice that was done to her and her brother, how they were forced to leave Westeros. So, to her, the land across the narrow sea is her home.

Another fan pointed out that Martin would not have inserted the words red door without a reason. More clues about where the author is taking his readers will be revealed in “Winds of Winter,” which is supposed to be the second last book in “A Song of Ice and Fire.”