A file photo of Microsoft's logo as a backdrop in a Microsoft presentation. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Microsoft is now speculated to cancel the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update and directly roll out the Windows Mobile 10. The Redmond giant is poised to reveal the Windows 10 consumer preview edition on Jan 21 and together with it, it will also unleash the Windows 10 OS for phones. Features that were expected to arrive with GDR2 update are going to arrive packaged with the upcoming Windows Mobile 10.

Nokia Power User states that the WP 8.1 GDR2 was expected to roll out in October 2014 but later on it was cancelled. The WP 8.1 GDR2 update was rumoured to bring new features like alphabetical arrangement in Settings menu, a mobile data toggle for easily turning on and off mobile data connection and Cortana. The WP 8.1 GDR2 was also expected to support high-end hardware like Snapdragon 805 chipset and Quad HD display resolutions, states GSMArena. Now, these features are expected to arrive onboard with the new Windows Mobile 10 OS.

In the previous week, IBTimes had published that all the devices running on Windows Phone 8.1 would be eligible to receive the Windows Mobile 10 upgrade for free. By the arrival of the new OS upgrade for mobile devices, Microsoft is not only cancelling the GDR2 update but also Windows Phone brand name.

IBTimes post also says that probably the very first handset to feature the Windows Mobile 10 is the unannounced Lumia 940, the rumoured successor model for Lumia 930. The Lumia 940 is pegged to feature high-end specs such as 5-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3 GB of RAM, 24 MP camera and more. The handset is speculated to debut in July or August this year.

Nokia Power User states if Microsoft rolls out a preview edition of Windows Mobile 10 soon, a new high-end smartphone running on the new OS will be unleashed during the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 expo that will be held in March at Barcelona. Microsoft has not spoken anything on the Lumia 940 and cancelling the WP 8.1 GDR2 update to make way for Windows Mobile 10.

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