A file photo of Microsoft's logo as a backdrop in a Microsoft presentation. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Microsoft is going to unleash a new lighter and faster browser than the Internet Explorer with the Windows 10. ZDNet claims that it is called Spartan and the appearance and feel of this new browser will be a lot like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

According to Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet, the Windows 10 will include two browsers, the Internet Explorer 11 and the all new Spartan browser. The former will support backward compatibility and the newer browser lightweight substitute for Internet Explorer and it will support third-party extensions. Also, the Spartan browser will work seamlessly on Windows 10 for desktops and Windows Mobile 10 for smarpthones and tablets.

Foley speculates that the new internet browser will also be made available to other non-Windows platforms such as Mac and iOS. As of this writing, Microsoft has not revealed officially whether the new browser will come to iOS or Android. She further states that the Redmond firm is making much of its software available on different devices that do not run on Windows OS.

IGN claims that Spartan was previously dubbed as the codename for the Internet Explorer 12 but now it has been revealed that it is the name of the new Windows 10 internet browser. ZDNet adds that new browser will be showcased on Jan. 21 when Microsoft will unveil the Windows 10 Consumer Experience edition. However, it says it is not sure whether the new browser will be functional in the Technical Preview version of the OS that will be rolled out for testing in early 2015.

PCWorld says that the Internet Explorer is still the most popular internet browser with 58 percent user base. Next in line is Google Chrome with 20 percent user base. Wired states that the Internet Explorer is quite unpopular now as increasing numbers of users have switched to Chrome and Firefox on desktops and users are using Safari, Chrome and Android stock browser on mobile devices.

What do you think about the new Spartan browser? Will it be good enough to compel users to switch from other browsers like Chrome and Safari? Do let us know your view through comments.

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