Windows 10 For Phones: Using Windows Phone Recovery Tool To Roll Back To Windows Phone 8.1 After Installing Bug-Ridden Windows 10 Preview

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Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones that has been available since a week is not a very stable version of the OS. As it is a technical preview version, it contains a lot of bugs. Microsoft is expecting its users to try the preview and send feedback on the problems they are facing. Some of the known issues highlighted by Microsoft are listed on the International Business Times report that was published recently.

The final build of Windows 10 for phones will arrive some time later. Users who have installed the preview edition of Windows 10 and are encountering issues with it can roll back to the stable Windows Phone 8.1 easily.

In order to downgrade to the stable Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 preview for phones, Microsoft is providing a tool called the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. One needs to be aware of the fact that users are required to install the recovery tool on their PC.  Before performing the roll back, users are also needed to check whether the PC and the handset are completely charged.

Here are the steps on using the Windows Phone Recovery tool to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows Phone 8.1:

1.       Launch the tool on your and established connection between your PC and phone by using a USB cable. The application will automatically detect the connected handset.

2.       If the handset is not detected, users are required to disconnect the device from the PC and then navigate to “My phone was not detected” on the tool and then it will provide instruction to successfully establish connection between PC and phone.

3.       Once your handset is detected and shown on the screen, you need to click on it.

4.       It will show the available software for the handset. One needs to click on Reinstall software button to initiate the firmware installation

5.       Next, the application will download and install the available firmware. Make sure the handset is not disconnected from the PC during the process.

6.       After the installation process ends, it will show a message that reads “Operation successfully completed.”

The above steps could take around 15-20 minutes to complete. Once done, Windows Phone 8.1 will be restored on the handset.

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