Windows 10 "Creators Update"
Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group speaks about Microsoft's Windows 10 "Creators Update" at a live Microsoft event in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Reuters/ Lucas Jackson

The Windows 10 Creators update rolled out on April 11 but not all users were too thrilled about the latest Microsoft patch. As most have probably heard by now, the Windows 10 Creators update has been far from flawless and some have suffered problems with it.

After facing plenty of criticism, Microsoft has now advised users to avoid the Windows 10 Creators update which has been causing problems for older systems. To address forced update problems, an update “block” has been rolled out to prevent the upgrade according to the official Windows blog.

Among the problems that the Windows 10 Creators update brought included closing programs that resulted in forced reboots and the long period it takes to complete the update. There is a pause option on the setting tab but not the kind that most would find useful as Gizmodo Australia points out.

The Windows 10 Creators update issues have plagued machines running on older systems. Hence, the block excludes newer models such as the Microsoft Surface Book, something expected to deal with the bugs better.

Among the issues that the Windows 10 Creator update brought include connectivity issues. It brought a certain type of Broadcom radio and Microsoft ended up blocking machines equipped with that feature.

For the hardcore Windows 10 users, updating is still possible but through manual means but with risks. It would still be best to wait for Microsoft once the software engineers are able to pin down and fix the problem. Especially for folks with older machines, the last thing one would want right now is a useless device caused by the buggy update.

The Windows 10 Creator update seems suited to newer PCS or models such as the Microsoft Surface Studio. With newer drivers and hardware, these were machines believe that could deal with the bugs brought by the patch. Hence, the update for these modern machines should render fewer problems.

Looking through the updates that Microsoft has rolled out in the past, the bugs weeded out from the Windows 10 Creators update should not come much of a surprise. A good example would be the Anniversary update which rolled out last year.

It took seven months for the Anniversary update to reach 90-percent of eligible Windows users. As far as the Windows 10 Creators update, it has so far reached only 10-percent according to AdDuplex. There is no timetable given on when the Windows 10 Creators update will be fixed though most are hoping it comes soon.