Wife Googles How To Commit Murder, Kills Husband With Lover’s Help

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A woman in India's Madhya Pradesh state was arrested and jailed along with her lover after the two murdered the woman's husband with the help of Google, police said.

The husband, identified as Aamir, was killed Friday by his wife, identified as Tabassum, and her lover in Harda district's Khedipur area, India Today reported, citing police superintendent Manoj Kumar Agrawal.

Tabassum had informed police of her husband's death, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the incident.

The investigation found that while Aamir was working in the neighboring state of Maharashtra, Tabassum had gotten close with another man, identified as Irfan, after she had to rely on him when the couple faced financial difficulties.

Tabassum and Irfan found it difficult to meet after Aamir returned to Harda, and the two had decided to kill him.

Police said Tabassum had switched Aamir's asthma medicine, which caused him to lose consciousness. Irfan then allegedly came over during the night and murdered Aamir with Tabassum's help.

The two had tied Aamir's hands and feet with a scarf and then proceeded to attack him with a hammer until he died, according to police.

Tabassum informed the police about the incident but attempted to mislead the investigation, police said.

Upon reaching the crime scene, police said the motive behind the incident appeared to have been robbery, a report by Times Now News said. Police, however, suspected Tabassum based on the overall evidence present at the scene.

Authorities examined Tabassum's call history and discovered she had many phone calls between her and Irfan, which further raised suspicions. Police proceeded to examine Tabassum's Google history and discovered that she had searched for methods to kill, ways to tie hands and feet as well as how to dispose of a body on the internet, as per India Today.

Despite feigning ignorance when she initially informed police of the incident, Tabassum later confessed to the crime upon further interrogation.

The weapon used in the crime was also allegedly seized along with blood-stained clothes, a mobile phone and the cloth used to tie the victim.

According to Agrawal, Tabassum and Irfan were presented before court and subsequently sent to jail. He said police were able to solve the case and make an arrest within 24 hours of the crime.

Police said the wife and her lover allegedly tied her huband's hands and feet before they attacked and killed him with a hammer.
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