Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau makes a toast to U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama during a State Dinner at the White House in Washington March 10, 2016. Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Justin Trudeau was sworn into office as Canada’s 23rd prime minister in November 2015. Since then he’s been setting hearts all over the world aflutter with his compassion, charm and charisma. The 44-year-old blue blooded politician is the second-youngest leader of Canada. He’s also the son of legendary Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau -- giving him big shoes to fill.

Prior to the elections, Trudeau’s competitors propelled an ad saying Justin was ‘just not ready’ to be prime minister on grounds that he was all style, no substance, and had some ‘growing up’ to do. But it’s recently come to light that the man’s got plenty of substance to accompany his wicked cool style.

So here are several reasons why Americans (and the world in general) seem to be falling in love with Justin Trudeau:

He’s taken a different path into the world of politics

Skyrocketing to the top of the political food chain since launching his political career only eight years ago, Trudeau was a drama teacher and activist before dabbling in politics. The young (and photogenic) Liberal Prime Minister is also quite the prankster – once famously throwing himself down a flight of stairs as a fun little party trick.

He scores nothing short of a 10/10 on the cute scale

Trudeau, who stands tall at 6’2, is also a loving husband and father of three. In 2012 he won a charity boxing match for cancer research in Ottawa, fighting his Conservative opponent, Senator Patrick Brazeau. He one-handedly balances babies. Last week he posted pictures of his meeting with the Toronto Zoo’s baby pandas named “Canadian Hope” and “Canadian Joy”.

His policies make a ton of sense

Trudeau has pledged to raise taxes on the wealthy, boost spending, legalise marijuana, take in more refugees and reform the country’s voting system, and it isn't all empty rhetoric either -- over the past few months he has delivered on his promises. He’s progressive, looking to shift away from a reliance on oil and other commodities to diversify Canada’s economy. He also feels there are better ways to take on IS, such as upping humanitarian aid and reinforcing local forces on the ground.

His positivity & can-do attitude

Trudeau made the news last week for saying he would be open to working with Donald Trump if he had to, even if he didn't particularly like the guy or agree with his policies. This positive attitude was even more obvious during his three day visit to Washington, which resulted in a strengthening of the Canada-US partnership. A short meeting between Trudeau and US President Barack Obama on Thursday morning saw a 2,500-word joint statement released and another 5,800 words of extra affirmations and commitments out of the Prime Minister’s Office. The joint statement highlights Obama’s and Trudeau’s shared vision of a prosperous and sustainable North American economy, seizing opportunities in line with clean growth.

Even President Barack Obama’s got a thing for Trudeau

Even President Barack Obama himself was swept away by Trudeau’s charming nature. The two came to really respect one another during the first official visit by a Canadian leader in nearly 20 years to Washington, with Obama jokingly calling Trudeau “the most popular Canadian named Justin”. (Justin Bieber is also from Canada)

Reflecting on his productive visit to Washington, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his optimism about the future of the two countries’ bilateral relations, and said: “On our own we make progress, but together we make history”.

But maybe Trudeau appeals to Americans just because of how the US looks in comparison

US citizens have been living with a tense political atmosphere lately, amidst the most controversial presidential campaign the world has ever seen. Republican candidate Trump threatened to build a wall on the US-Mexico border and impose a temporary ban on Muslims from entering the country. His empty policies and racist remarks saw plenty of Americans aching for somebody more progressive – somebody like Trudeau – to be their leader, instead.

But it’s not just Canada’s prime minister that’s gaining traction in the US. Canada itself is becoming a hot topic amongst Americans. This was evident when searches of “How do I move to Canada?” rose more than 1,000 percent last week following a string of contest wins for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

What do Americans have to say?

Trudeau’s visit to Washington garnered plenty of interest from both sides of the border. American media outlets covered not only the joint US-Canada policy announcements and official events, but also provided unusually comprehensive context about Trudeau’s upbringing and Canadian politics.

Rebecca Ostriker from the Boston Globe, for instance, took a more humorous approach in her reporting, discussing how Trudeau’s presence serves as a reminder of the kind of fun American’s aren’t having.

“Photo ops with cute panda cubs? A leader who knows his stripped name? A woman honoured on the country’s banknotes? No, we get gridlock in Congress and debates filled with insults,” Ostriker quipped.

On Twitter, wishful thinking saw many Americans asking Trudeau to be the next US president.

Sorry America! He may have won you over but alas, there can only be one Justin Trudeau, and Canada’s got him.