Peter Dinklage
Cast member Peter Dinklage attends the premiere for the sixth season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" in Los Angeles April 10, 2016. Reuters/Phil McCarten

George RR Martin is yet to announce the release of “Winds of Winter,” but some fans are already thinking about what will happen after the long night ends. One theory involves the books Tyrion Lannister may write if he manages to survive the war against the Night King.

In a Reddit thread, a fan points out how well travelled Tyrion is. The Imp was at Casterly Rock as a child, and since then he has travelled to Lannisport, Darry, Winterfell, Castle Black, The Eyrie, the Trident and King’s Landing. He also stood at the edge of The Wall to do something he always wanted to do.

The above-mentioned locations are all on Westeros. In Essos, Tyrion has been to Pentos, the Valyrian road, the river Rhoyne and its ruined cities, Volantis, and Meereen.

This makes Tyrion one of the most well-travelled characters in the books. Given his interest in reading and writing, there is a good chance the character may pen down everything he has seen and experienced over the years. This may not be restricted to the wars in Westeros, the invasion of Daenerys, and the final war against the Night’s King; it may also include descriptions of what life is like in all places he has travelled to.

Commenting on the post, someone jokingly compares Tyrion’s potential books with that of the “Hobbit” trilogy. The Imp’s trilogy could be titled “The Midget: An Unexpected Tourney,” which may be about the Tourney that arguably started the war against the Targaryen rule. The last book could also be “The Midget: The War of the Five Kings.” To be able to write about the war against the Night’s King, though, Tyrion will first have to survive until the end.