Wentworth stars Nicole da Silva Socratis Otto and Celia Ireland
Wentworth stars Nicole da Silva Socratis Otto and Celia Ireland pose for a group photo before going to the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA). thenicoledasilva/Instagram

"Wentworth" Season 5, starring Pamela Rabe as Ex-Governor "The Freak" Joan Ferguson, Nicole da Silva as Francesca "Franky" Doyle, Robbie Magasiva as Deputy Governor Will Jackson, Tammy Macintosh as Karen "Kaz" Proctor, Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak, Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens and Shareena Clanton as Inmate Doreen "Dor" Anderson, aired the "Mere Anarchy" episode on Tuesday, June 6. It featured the death of Iman (Zahra Newman) in the hands of The Freak. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains 'Wentworth' spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about the show's latest episode.

Mike and Iman's connection

In "Wentworth" Season 5, episode 10, Franky finally figured out a way to discover Mike Pennisi (Felix Williamson) and Iman's link, thanks to Bridget (Libby Tanner). Bridget found out that Iman and Mike used to attend a group therapy session together. Franky also confronted Iman about it and discovered that Iman was Mike's girlfriend. Iman admitted that she was the one who actually killed Mike due to jealousy.

Unfortunately, she charged at Franky with a self-made shiv. Ferguson appeared in the nick of time to save Franky. "She could tell them it wasn’t you," The Freak told Franky. "But she won’t be telling them anything," she added as she broke Iman's neck.

It doesn't help that the authorities didn't believe Franky when she told them the truth about what happened to Iman.She wasn't just accused of killing Pennisi, she was also blamed for Iman's death and was also thrown into isolation.

Vera's not the governor anymore

Channing (Martin Sacks) has finally "sidelined" Vera, much to the delight of Ferguson. Speaking of The Freak, she was also seen talking to Jake about it as she toppled the queen on her favourite chessboard.

Sonia tempts Liz with booze

Sonia offered Liz (Celia Ireland) some booze while having a late-night chat. She told Liz about how she killed Don Kaplan (Steve Bastoni). This led Liz to go to Vera again. "Do you want to go down that rabbit hole again? You don’t think you might have some credibility issues?" Vera asked her.

Channing finds out about Jake's drug dealing ways in prison

Channing finally discovered that Jake is the drug dealer in jail. Unfortunately, instead of arresting Jake, he wanted to team up with him to do more dirty business. This infuriated Will, who told Kaz that he wanted to quit. Kaz talked some sense into him by saying that the women in Wentworth needed him more than ever. That was why he couldn't simply quit.

"Wentworth" episodes air at 8:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Showcase on Tuesdays. The show also airs on Foxtel and Netflix.

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