Wentworth star Nicole da Silva
Nicole da Silva at the Foxtel 2013 Launch Event, Fox Studios Australia, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia. Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi

"Wentworth" Series 5, starring Nicole da Silva as Francesca "Franky" Doyle, Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak, Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens, Tammy Macintosh as Karen "Kaz" Proctor, Pamela Rabe as Ex-Governor "The Freak" Joan Ferguson, Shareena Clanton as Inmate Doreen "Dor" Anderson and Robbie Magasiva as Deputy Governor Will Jackson, aired the episode titled "Snakehead" on Tuesday, May 30 on the Showcase channel. It showed Allie and Franky continuing with their prison break plan with the help of Franky's dad Alan Doyle (Richard Sutherland). Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains 'Wentworth' spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about 'Snakehead.'

Will fails to expose Jake to Vera

In "Wentworth" Season 5, episode 9, Will tried to expose Jake (Bernard Curry) again as the prison's drug dealer. Unfortunately, only Kaz believes him and he's finding it hard to convince Vera (Kate Atkinson) about it. Will and Kaz tried to get Allie to talk to Vera about Jake supplying her with drugs in the past. However, Jake got wind of it and consulted Ferguson on what to do. "You’re thinking like a pawn," The Freak told Jake. "Need to think like a knight," she advised him.

Eventually, Allie discovered that someone was watching Franky's little sister, and if she squealed on Jake to Vera, she might get harmed. Allie had no choice but to back out of the deal with Kaz and Will. Speaking of Kaz, she felt dejected in this episode, especially when Allie got scared and didn't trust her enough that she'll be able to protect Franky's little sister.

Allie and Franky work on their prison break plan

Meanwhile, Franky and Allie continued to work on their plan to break out of Wentworth. They were thinking of using shipment boxes to get out. However, they needed a walkie-talkie, the Wentworth sewage map and a new accomplice. Thankfully, Franky's father, who happens to be a plumber, was willing to help them out.

Liz believes Sonia killed Don Kaplan

As for Liz (Celia Ireland), she believed that Sonia had something to do with Kaplan's (Steve Bastoni) disappearance. "I know she did it. She killed Don Kaplan. And I’m going to prove it," Liz told Vera.

"Wentworth" episodes air every Tuesdays at 8:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Showcase. Fans in Australia can also watch it on Foxtel. "Wentworth" on Netflix is available for viewers from other parts of the world.

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