WATCH: Top Great Films Depicting Korean War [FULL MOVIES]

Korean War in Films
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Depicting the Korean war in many different facets, these films have helped promote and educate the public by providing a representation and insight of what really happened, what was happening and could be happening to the evolving differences between the North and the South.

The Korean conflict began with the three-year war from 1950-1953. They had long came up with “an armistice,” a state where there’s no clear declaration of peace (nor war). Some may call it a “stand off.” For Koreans, this meant a temporary reprieve from the decades-long word wars and imminent threats. It was a relationship that went on for decades until North Korea’s current leader, young Kim Jong-Il declared “entering a state of war” with South Korea.

Learn more about the Korean war between North and South Korea from the top films produced through the years. IBTimes-AU has provided you a complete set of full movies. Enjoy an extended Holy Week and Easter Celebration with Top Korean War films below:

1. 71 Into the Fire (2010) –This is the story of 71 teenagers drafted to serve in the Pohang section of the Pusan Perimeter during the Korean War. The 2010 film is the most recently released war film telling the story of how the teenagers stood up to save a small city after several hundred South Korean soldiers were either slaughtered, wounded, and failed to protect them from the advancing, violent North Korean troops. The shortage of men in South Korea is highlighted in the film, a fact that had been true not only to Korean conflict but in many parts of the world. These teens tried their best to save the community from North Korean military.

2. "Brotherhood" Taeguki (2003) – Better known as “Saving Private Ryan” of the South Korea, Taeguki shows the Korean War from the point of view of Republic of Korea (ROK) army. The film, described as “cheesy at some points” followed the story of two brothers who were separated by the conflict but finally met again - - but with a twist. If the United States’ Saving Private Ryan provides a feel-good ending with the lost brother still working on the same side when found, Taeguki is a story of brothers who found themselves fighting two opposite armies in the end.

3. The Taebak Mountains (1994) – Based on the book, “Taebaek Sanmaek,” by Cho Jeong-lae, the film provides in great detail a description of the effects of the communist guerrilla war to the civilians living in a small South Korean village of Beolgyo. The films made a careful attempt to represent an image of ROK government and the communists counterparts in a spate of many indiscriminate killings. Directed by the legendary Korean director Im Kwon-taek, the film which also starred Ahn Sung-kee, is considered one of the best Korean War films of all time.

4. The Steel Helmet (1951) – The story of the film revolves around a GI who survived a mass execution by the North Koreans. His survival is attributed to his luck when the bullet that was meant to kill him “deflected off” his helmet. While many of the U.S. soldiers died in the mass execution, this lone GI came out alive and freed from his bonds by a Korean orphan. Paying it forward, the GI travelled with the Korean orphan and ensured for his safety. Their journey led to a countryside that allowed them to meet other GI’s who were also separated from their units. The newly formed group crated another battalion and they strategized to defend a key observation post located at Buddhist Temple. Note: This is just a teaser.

5. The DMZ (1965) – This is the first Korean War film that was shot on location to the highly guarded DeMilitarized Zone in the North and South Korean Peninzula. It tells the story of two Korean kids who struggled in order to survive near the 38th parallel following the murder killings of their parents. It was created in 1965 but a DVD release with English subtitles was released in 2005. Full film to follow.