WATCH: Russell Westbrook Debuts New Shooting Form

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Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers
Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers poses for a picture with his jersey during a press conference at Staples Center on August 10, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest acquisition in free agency is eager to show what he has been working on this offseason.

NBA skills coach Chris Joseph Brickley posted on his Instagram that Russell Westbrook was putting up three-point shots in the gym, with an admittedly better form.

Back then, Westbrook’s form is more akin to that of the old-school, textbook form of shooting--squared legs and squared arms, with the ball directly in his face.

However, Brickley’s video shows the 2017 NBA league MVP that has his right leg positioned a bit more in front, helping his shooting hand align better with the basket, and the ball angled a bit to the right, so he can see the basket better.

Shooting while standing is one of the things that Westbrook had to improve on as forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis will naturally suck in more defenders in the paint, leaving him open for the three.

The video also sees Westbrook doing a combo of dribble moves before pulling up for three and also some one-dribble pull-ups after receiving the ball from a hand-off.

Expectedly, Skip Bayless shared his thoughts on the matter, saying that it will not fix anything for the historically terrible three-point shooter.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder point guard etched his name in the history books after he surpassed the unseemingly breakable triple-double record set by Oscar Robertson.

However, his biggest weakness has been shooting threes frequently.

Having him alter his shot is a great way to instill confidence in him to take the three if he’s open, not that Westbrook ever lacked confidence in shooting the ball.

As he ages, his athleticism will inevitably diminish and it would help add longevity to his career if he can shoot the ball with ease.

Similar to how Vince Carter altered his game to accommodate a three-point stroke in the latter part of his career, Westbrook can age gracefully in the same way.

Seeing him put in the work even before training camp is an encouraging sign for Lakers fans as they hope to compete for an NBA title this season.

All teams open their training camps on September 28, giving the Lakers five days to prepare before they face the Brooklyn Nets in a preseason matchup.

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