A picture of actor Lennie James as Morgan in AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV series. The Walking Dead/ Facebook

Morgan (Lennie James) has had a long personal journey so far in “The Walking Dead.” From being a regular family man to becoming the perfect killing machine, then back to believing that life is precious, he has been through a lot. With war looming in season 8, the big question involves whether the character will go back to killing.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, James admitted that killing people may be unavoidable for his character this season because of the war. The character will experience an internal battle of whether or not to become a killer again. His only concern is stopping himself once he starts.

Elaborating on Morgan's current state of mind, James explained that his character is a lot different from before. When the fans first saw Morgan, he was a man who lost everything. Now, he has friends or “connections” with people in both Alexandria and The Kingdom. The actor said these connections make his character’s journey “complicated.”

Shedding some light on what the next season will be, James said that while season 7 was the preparation for the war, season 8 will be about the war. The actor said that viewers will be put in the dark because it is in the nature of war to be secretive. Such format of storytelling is promising to be an exciting ride that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

As far as the pacing of season 8 is concerned, James said that the first three episodes will be intense, and it is only from the fourth episode where things “settle down” a little. The actor promised the action to be “brutal” with some “casualties.” Even the war itself will not exactly go as expected.