"The Walking Dead" season 7b, Rise Up
A teaser photo from "The Walking Dead" season 7b featuring Jeffery Dean Morgan as "Negan" Facebook/The Walking Dead

AMC has finally announced the “The Walking Dead” season 7b release date, and the midseason premiere airs no later than Feb. 12 at 9/8c in the US. As if the announcement of the show’s airtime were not enough, AMC dropped a bomb further by releasing some black and white portraits of the characters, which fans are going to see through the season finale.

Talking about “The Walking Dead“ season 7b character portraits, which were released not more than a week ago, the makers, on the show’s official Facebook page, apparently tried to fill the void that has been in existence since the season’s last, episode 7, aired Dec. 11 last year. A tinge of the contrasting “red“ has also been added to the images — and nobody seems to be having a clue as to what these dingy portraits could mean.

As Pop Wrapped writer Allison Schonter candidly writes, “These cryptic and creepy character portraits are leaving us scratching our heads.” Morgan’s character portrait has been holding up fans’ interest a tad more, leading them to speculations — his image split into three pieces. Some of them are considering Morgan developing a split personality disorder, while others think it could be Morgan’s transformation back to whom he used to be (willing to kill for survival) before meeting Eastman, who helped him recover from his mental break and also taught him aikido.

Meanwhile, co-executive producer Denise Huth talks about “The Walking Dead” season 2b, which has been assigned the tagline “Rise Up,” and about Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan), whose powerful performance has had a great impact on the series.

“We’ve always said that Negan would be a total game changer for the show. His impact, what he did, how he was introduced and how he continues to keep the rest of the group within his control is a huge impact. It’s probably the biggest change we’ve had on the show since we’ve started,” Huth said in an AMC exclusive interview, adding that Negan is clearly the biggest adversary the TWD survivors have ever faced.

“The Walking Dead” season 2b midseason premiere airs Feb. 12 at 9PM EST in the US. Viewers in Australia can watch the show at Feb. 13, 1PM AEDT on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The character portraits can be viewed here.