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Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is coming for Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7. AMC/The Walking Dead Official Facebook Page

“The Walking Dead” season 7 episode 10 is a few hours away and it promises to be a good one. Episode 9 wasn’t as heavy on the heart as previous instalments as it showed that Rick is somehow regaining his old form. His smile upon meeting a new community – the junkyard group – during the final scene was definitely the cherry on top of a nice midseason return, but according to an apparent episode 10 leak, Rick will have nothing to smile about in the next instalment.

Spoiler alert: This preview contains plot details about “The Walking Dead” season 7. The season premiered Oct. 20. The series is available for Australian viewers to watch on Foxtel every Monday, 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The reason behind Rick’s smile during the last episode is obvious. He’s happy to see a large group of people who he thinks can fight alongside him. After all, he needs all the help he can get to fight off Negan.

Unfortunately for Rick, the leader of the junkyard group, Jadis, turns down his offer. Not surprisingly, that’s when Father Gabriel steps in and saves Rick and company’s behinds. He even helps the Alexandrians gain leverage over the junkyard people when a fight ensues between the two squads.

Father Gabriel also reportedly convinces Jadis to at at least hear what Rick has to say and give him a chance to prove himself. Jadis ultimately gives Rick fifteen minutes of her attention, among others. Rick is put to the ultimate test when he is forced to fight the helmet-wearing spiked walker named Winslow who also previously appeared on the “Walking Dead” season 7 episode 10 preview. (See the trailer below.)

It remains to be seen if Rick does convince Jadis and her group to join him against Negan and the Saviours. According to TV Geek Talk, the junkyard crew is a tight-knit bunch that has been staying at the same site since the start of the outbreak. It’s also quite ironic that Rick is asking the help of a community whose leader’s motto is “We take, we don’t bother.”

Richard, meanwhile, as he has previously shown, is all in against Negan. Ezekiel’s right hand man is out for Saviour blood, even at the expense of innocent lives. He initially convinces Daryl to join him for some Saviour hunting, and handing him a brand new crossbow. But Daryl eventually decides he wants no part of Richard when he realises the latter’s planned blame game in case The Kingdom finds out about the attacks.

“The Walking Dead” season 7 episode 10 has an extended runtime of 66 minutes. Daryl is set to have an emotional reunion with Carol near the end of the episode before electing to forego The Kingdom and move forward on his own.

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