WA fire
Smoke clouds from a large bush fire are seen behind a police road block at the turn off onto the South Western Highway near Pinjarra, Western Australia, January 7, 2016. Reuters/Richard Wainwright/AA

Two elderly men have reportedly lost their lives in a bushfire in Yarloop, police said. Meanwhile, a third person feared missing in a bushfire south of Perth has been found alive. Police is still working to find the identity of two dead men.

According to Sky News, the West Australian Police discovered the remains of the men in separate houses yesterday. The victims lost their lives in a fire that destroyed 128 homes in Yarloop, the worst-affected town. After re-entering the houses, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services found the remains in two separate houses. The officials say that the men were in their 70s.

“As you are aware, WA Police is continuing investigations into the discovery of human remains at two residences in Yarloop. Those discoveries were made as part of inquiries into the whereabouts of two men who were unaccounted for,” a police spokeswoman said, according to Sky News. “It is possible that further reports (of missing people) could be made to WA Police as time goes on, which is why it is important for all residents from fire impacted areas to register their details with the Australian Red Cross."

According to AAP, one of the men is suspected to be a person named Malcolm Taylor, 73. A family member said that no one heard from him since Thursday evening before the blaze.

“He goes to bed early, around 7.30pm, so we're worried that he turned off his hearing aid and went to sleep and then the houses went up so quickly,” said the family member.

Meanwhile, the intensity of the blaze affecting the towns of Harvey and Cookernup has been downgraded to a “watch and act” warning. The warning remains an emergency in east of Waroona, Hamel and Yarloop and surrounding areas.