VPNs have Become Vital for Corporations: Here’s Why

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In recent years, VPNs have become quite popular for individuals who want to browse the internet safely and, most of all, anonymously. Other cybersecurity options can be expensive and quite difficult to implement, but VPNs are cost-effective and you don’t need extensive IT knowledge to use one, which makes them the perfect solution for someone who wants to keep their private data safe and away from unwanted eyes.

As technology evolves, hackers become more and more difficult to keep away. This is why VPNs are not only being used by individuals who want to keep their internet life private, but by corporations as well, as the stakes are much higher when it comes to the business sector, and here’s why.

Cyberattack numbers have increased

News about cyberattacks on notorious companies has increased significantly in the past few years. In fact, it is estimated that, by 2021, cybercrimes are going to cost us about $6 trillion, and the numbers are only growing. This is why companies, be them big or small, are looking for ways to protect their data and keep themselves covered in case someone wants to take a peek behind the curtains.

A VPN provides end-to-end encryption for all devices inside a company’s network, meaning nobody can have access to your internet whereabouts, as long as you have it turned on. For companies that work with sensitive client data, or those looking to keep their business away from curious eyes, installing one is an absolute must.

VPN technology has advanced

For a while, the number one throwback when it came to VPNs was the fact that it would significantly slow down your internet speed, making companies unwilling to trade security for business performance. But thanks to recent advancements in VPN technology, such trade is no longer needed. Layer 3 tunneling protocols, virtual private LAN services, and other improvements have helped businesses gain trust in the VPN market.

What’s more, tech giants, such as McAfee and Symantec have started seeing the potential in the VPN market and are investing quite a lot of money to provide better solutions for businesses. At the same time, websites, such as VPN Overview, are constantly testing products, to discover and present the best ones they can find on the market.

Data safety comes before money

Companies that were reluctant to invest in a good VPN product, and were just using free ones have quickly come to the conclusion that, if you want a good product, you need to be willing to pay for it. In the eventuality of a data breach, companies can lose around $200,000, which is enough to put a small company out of business in an instant.

Compared to other services, or with the costs, a cybersecurity attack can generate, VPNs are not expensive at all and, what’s more, they don’t need an entire IT team to work around the clock to install it. There are a lot of cloud VPN services available, that only require basic knowledge to set it in motion.

Protecting your company’s sensitive data should be one of your top priorities and an entrepreneur. To ensure this, find a VPN service that suits your needs and offers strong digital security against all cyber threats.