Vodafone Logo
Pigeon flies past the logo of Vodafone in Kiev. Reuters/Gleb Garanich

Vodafone is joining the NBN and will start offering home broadband services starting next year. Australia’s telecommunications contender has an abundant number of subscribers on its mobile network. Now it looks to further expand its business through home broadband internet.

No further details are available regarding service specifications except that the NBN will spearhead the implementation. Vodafone may try to draw new subscribers by offering affordable mobile bundles and fixed home broadband packages, just like Optus and Telstra.

Iñaki Berroeta, Vodafone Australia’s chief executive officer, said that current Vodafone subscribers use up 14,000 terabytes worth of data on its mobile network every month. The new broadband service, which will be launched sometime next year, would definitely increase bandwidth usage.

“We have a big customer base on our mobile network and there are direct operational synergies here for us beyond just bundling,” said Berroeta.

It is also expected that Vodafone would make the transition easier for consumers to subscribe to an NBN deal by offering temporary mobile home internet connections with its 4G network.

“We have a strong 4G network which covers more than 22 million Australians and is enjoyed by 5.5 million customers, the NBN rollout is gaining momentum and there is strong consumer demand for continuous connectivity,” Berroeta added.

Although Vodafone is currently calibrating its development plans for next year’s big launch, the company is also facing an ongoing dispute with rival Telstra. The two telecommunication companies have been at each other’s throats regarding the subject of mobile roaming. Berroeta mentioned that Telstra’s defiance on the issue was a testament of its industry supremacy.

“This language around Vodafone getting a free ride on their network is nonsense,” said the Vodafone CEO.

Telstra chairperson John Mullen cautioned earlier this month that the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s control measures on mobile roaming would shortchange his company, allowing competitors to freeload.