A dead whale shark, measuring 13 meters in length, lies after it was stranded on the Pandansimo beach in Bantul
A dead whale shark, measuring 13 meters in length, lies after it was stranded on the Pandansimo beach in Bantul, near the city of Yogyakarta August 2, 2012. REUTERS/Dwi Oblo

An 18-year-old from New South Wales captured underwater footage of a tiger shark. The shark was tearing into a carcass of a whale in the south coast.

According to the Daily Mail, the teenager named Michael James had gone to the ocean and walked into the ocean until he was knee deep in the water at Broulee to shoot the footage. The footage that he captured showed a shark that was circling the carcass of the humpback whale after which it took a bite of the carcass. The carcass was stuck between rocks in the beach. When he was capturing the up-close footage, for a split second, James lost his footing.

He said that it took guts to get in to the water and take a chance at capturing the footage. He said that his girlfriend liked her share of videos and so he thought that he would get the footage for her and make her happy.

Apart from James, there were others who were curious about the shark tearing the whale apart. There were many residents, almost 10 of them, who came to the beach to take a look at the action as well. The residents told Sunrise said that there were around four sharks that were feeding on the humpback whale.

One of the residents had come with his daughter. His daughter did not allow him to take a dip in the ocean. But he said that it did not step the two from spectating with the others. He also said that the shark would devour the whale carcass and then swim away. The shark would then come back and eat the carcass, go back into the waters, digest it and return back to the waters. He said that the sight was quite amazing.

Shark experts said that they had closed off beaches at North and South Broulee, Shark Bay, Moruya and North Head until the dispersion of sharks had taken place. They said that it was common for a carcass to be eaten by sharks. They added that the sharks were called the 'garbage cleaners of the sea'.

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