A picture of actor Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha on History Channel TV series "Vikings." Vikings/ Facebook

“Vikings” season 5 is yet to premiere yet preparations are already underway for season 6. The renewal for another instalment was announced recently, and it was also confirmed that cast member Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) will be making her directorial debut on the show. The actress has responded to the announcement. There’s also news about a new character in the TV series.

Winnick will not only be reprising her role as the fiery warrior. She will also get behind the camera and shoot scenes for at least one episode of season 6. Commenting on the news of her directorial debut, the actress said she feels “honoured” and “very excited” about this new role.

The popular History Channel TV series began way back in 2013. Winnick has been a part of it from the start, making her an ideal candidate to direct an episode. This will be a first for the actress, but it should be noted that she’s a veteran who has been part of multiple TV shows and movies, which include “Bones,” “50 First Dates,” “Two Weeks Notice,” and the more recent flick “The Dark Tower.”

Meanwhile, details about new casting for the show have surfaced online. Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky has been hired to play a Viking prince known as Oleg of Novgorod, also known as “Oleg the Prophet,” Entertainment Weekly reports.

Oleg is a historical figure belonging to the Viking group known as the Varangians, a name given by the Greeks and Slavs to the people who sailed around modern-day Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The casting indicates an expansion of the world on the show, taking viewers further east.

Filming of “Vikings” season 6 is set to begin this fall. Season 5 is set to air on Nov. 29.