Katheryn Winnick [right] as Lagertha in "Vikings" TV series on the History Channel. Vikings/ Facebook

Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) has officially started the countdown to the “Vikings” season 5 premiere. A new poster and a trailer have been released online, and the main theme of the video is “secrets.” The plot this year will focus on who will rise to take Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) place to become the next ruler.

In a post on social media (see below), Winnick announced the release of new promos, at the same time starting the countdown for the premiere. Winnick's shared picture is that of a poster showing her character in battle.

The new promo video (see below) talks about the secrets in people’s hearts. The voiceover appears to be spoken by Lagertha, who says that one can never know the secrets in others’ hearts as people don’t even know the secrets in their own.

There is ruthless ambition guiding some of the characters on the show. These secrets could also be about the betrayals that will mark the fall of a few major characters.

Meanwhile, a new behind-the-scenes video of season 4 shows the sets and costumes used. The video posted on YouTube shows the long boats that were constructed. The costume department has to create different weapons, including swords and shields, axes, and bows and arrows. The characters also have distinctive styles.

The elaborate sets and props require planning. The video shows model ships and other set designs built before the actual construction of the sets. The actors and extras also have to work on hairstyles that reflect the relevant time period. The video shows the wigs used.

The video also shows the storyboard of the scene where ships were carried over a cliff for a surprise attack. There may be more innovative battle tactics in “Vikings” season 5.


New promo's are out.. count down for season 5 premiere officially begins! #Vikings

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