Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers poses during a photocall at the MIPTV, the International Television Programs Market, in Cannes, France, April 4, 2016. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

“Vikings” season 4 episode 20 titled “The Reckoning” will mark the end of the season. The battle will continue in the forthcoming episode. Furthermore, new character Heahmund, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, will be introduced to the audience.

Meyers reportedly plays a prominent role in the next season. His character will be introduced to the audience in the finale episode of season 4. His character is reportedly a major threat to the Vikings.

Meyers will play the role of a warrior bishop named Heahmund in the show. “I was looking at the history books, and I came across these warrior bishops. The antecedents of the Knights Templar were people who were absolutely religious, yet they put on armor and they fought. Don’t let their priestly status fool you, either.

“They were crazy! They believed totally in Christianity and the message, and yet, on the battlefield, they were totally berserk,” he says. Heahmund will reportedly serve as the right man to Prince Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) and will go against Ivar the boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen). “He’s a man of Wessex, and he’s going to come in as a worthy opponent to Ivar,” Meyers told Entertainment Weekly.

In “Vikings” season 4 episode 20, Aethelwulf will be targeted by the great army. On the other hand, King Ecbert (Linus Roache) will stay behind formulating a plan, reveals the official synopsis of the episode.

Perhaps, Ecbert is aware of the amount of threat that waits, and hence, he already has a different strategy in the works. Perhaps, the strategy involves bringing in Heahmund against the Vikings. The mystery surrounding Meyers’ character and what Ecbert’s plan will only be solved when the finale episode airs on TV.

Death waits for a prominent character

Like showrunner Michael Hirst stated in an interview, death will come to a prominent character, it remains to be seen who will get caught in the trap. “It’s full of surprises. And death. Death comes to important people,” he said earlier.

Meanwhile, fans wait for another great battle that will take place between Ecbert and Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) sons. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the amazing battle sequences.

“Vikings” season 4 episode 20 will air on Feb. 1 at 9PM ET in the US. The show also airs in Australia on SBS One at 8:30PM.