The Victorian Taxi Association has dropped its campaign against Uber, after rallying against the company in September when it moved on to the steps of Victoria’s parliament house and demanded a crackdown against the taxi service.

According to VTA CEO David Samuel, the association is no longer in a mood to promote industrial action as an “effective action” even though it is up to individuals what they choose to do. He said drivers were responding well to the feedback campaign.

Samuel announced on Monday that it would instead seek honest feedback from customers so that the taxi industry could reform. He said the industry must understand where it was lacking, and improve.

“It’s all very well to accept criticism, but there has been a failure in the past to dig down into the problems and to try to understand them and respond to them,” The Guardian quoted Samuel as saying. “We must make sure there’s a platform for people to share their concerns, and we expect criticism.”

Samuel told 3AW in January that the services Uber was providing were illegal as the company was banned. When asked if he was nervous about the competing with Uber, Samuel said it was not a fair competition as it was not legal.

"As businesses, all we're saying is we'd like to know what football field we're playing on please,” he said. "Because our regulator doesn't seem too bothered about regulating this service."

The new industry reform program includes providing information to the public to encourage competition and high-quality services. It will also review taxi and hire car safety policy and develop new fare device (taximeter) specifications.

Some of the reforms which are already implemented include “The Knowledge Test” to ensure aspiring taxi drivers have a wide range of proficiencies like English literacy, geographical knowledge, general customer service skills and disability awareness.

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