The tussle between Uber and other taxi operators in Australia has taken a violent turn. Two men, allegedly employed by Black and White Cabs, are reportedly involved in the assault of three Uber cab drivers on Monday in Brisbane.

The men allegedly attacked the drivers because they worked for Uber, which they believe operates illegally in Queensland.

The first of three men attacked by the assaulters was a 30-year-old man, who was sitting in his car, waiting for a passenger in Fortitude Valley. The attackers not only bashed him but also damaged his car.

“They started throwing punches… punches everywhere,” he told the 7 News. The victim also said that his attackers were yelling that he was ruining their businesses. After beating him up, they left in a maxi taxi. The men were otherwise friendly with all the other taxi drivers. According to the Uber driver, the men attacked him because he was driving an Uber cab, which might have hampered their business because of its popularity.

“Basically they were laughing at the whole incident, that's the most disturbing thing. They were enjoying it,” he said.

A total number of five people are being suspected to have been involved in the assault. According to Queensland Police, two men, aged 26 and 29 years, have been arrested and were the alleged “ringleaders”.

Uber confirmed in a statement that it would assist the police in investigating the crime in every possible way. “There is no place for violence in a civilised society,” the statement read.

A spokesperson for the Black and White Cabs said that the assaults must have been done by individual drivers who have gone rogue. If any driver gets charged on criminal offences, the Black and White Cabs will immediately disaffiliate itself from the driver and bar him from driving a cab under its label.

The Uber driver who was attacked first said he would continue to drive under the company.

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