French developer Dontnod Entertainment has finally revealed some new details regarding its role-playing game “Vampyr.” Announced prior to the release of “Life is Strange: Episode 1,” Vampyr is now revealed to be an action RPG set in the 1900’s during the World War I.

Back in June, Dontnod Entertainment announced that it is making the next big leap forward with vampire-themed RPG “Vampyr.” The company revealed that “Vampyr” will be an investigative game available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

Dontnod noted that “Vampyr” is inspired by historic events around World War I. The game incorporates the devastation of London due to Spanish Flu in early 1990s and the supernatural incidents that took place during a time when medical science was growing rapidly. Players will take on the role of military surgeon Jonathan E. Reid who returns to London from World War in 1918. Things get more complicated when Reid finds himself turning into a vampire. He weighs his knowledge to control his thirst for blood and the storyline flows ahead with unbelievable twists.

Vampire stories are certainly not new to the world. But according to a statement by the game director Philippe Moreau via PlayStation Blog, he stated that what makes "Vampyr" unique from the rest of the vampire-themed titles is its setting. “Vampyr” also boasts a combat system that lets players fully equip their arsenal and create competent weaponry.

“Without a doubt, players will have to kill to survive, no matter what… but it depends on how the players observe things that they see, and relationships they see among people and nurture during the gameplay," said Dontnod Entertainment in a statement to PlayStation Blog. "The player will have to feed and they cannot run away from the fact that they have turned into a vampire.”

“Vampyr” is currently in development with an unknown release date. The developer hinted that more information will be coming through the game’s official website.

Recently game developer Dontnod Entertainment wrapped up its recent project, the final episode of the “Life is Strange,” in October. A boxed limited edition of this game is scheduled to hit retail market for PCs and consoles in January next year. The indie studio has also worked on the projects like third-person action game “Remember Me” and the time-travelling episodic narrative adventure game “Life is Strange.”

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Vampyr: Concept Teaser (Credit: YouTube/FocusHomeInteractive)