Valve recently released a new update for the Steam Controller that allows the device to be more precise and easy to use in several video game genres, including first-person shooters and strategy games. Aside from that, the update also increases the number of features for the controller making it a more purchase-worthy device.

The company detailed the list of notable changes to the Steam controller on the official website of Steam. The website first described the new Gyroscopic functionality of the device, which allows players to control the camera with a move of the Steam Controller. It also allows players to make their characters lean towards an object on some games.

Another new feature is the Mouse-like joystick mode that allows players to easily control the crosshair in first-person shooters. Steam added the feature upon request from the gaming community, particularly NEOGAF user mntorankusu. With this feature, players can use the controller’s joystick like a mouse.

The update will also add mouse regions that allows players to add a trackpad to a specific part of the screen. This is most useful in game’s that feature an option filled HUD like real-time strategy titles. The menu can hold up to a total of 16 different hotkeys, which is more than enough to accommodate the menus in a game.

Another notable addition is the new Configuration Travelling feature. It allows the player to save any custom configurations on their Steam Controllers so that they could easily use it wherever they go. This is a similar feature found in the Xbox One Elite controller of Microsoft.

So far, the Steam Controller is being received well by the gaming community and players worldwide will be more enthralled with the controller after the update. The process in creating the controller is also something to be amazed at. The video below released by Valve showcases how the controllers are made.

Source: YouTube/Valve

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