UPDATE Omar Borkan Al Gala FINALLY Admits He Was Never Deported for Being “Too Handsome” as Earlier Reports Claim [PHOTOS]

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He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thus revealed Omar Borkan Al Gala as he comes clean, admitting the deportation stories that helped him become an international star were in fact NOT TRUE.

In a recent interview with a Mexican magazine Who, Omar said that he was never kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome” - - the news that that helped him become an Internet sensation and later helped him propel to becoming an international household name for a time.

"Really I was walking around, I ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time," Omar was quoted as telling the magazine, said Latino Post, citing another report by Peru.com.

The self-described model and photographer claimed he was back home in Vancouver, Canada, when the news of his supposed deportation made headlines and gone viral –a life-changing news as it helped Omar launch his modeling and acting career.

The deportation news also gave Omar more than one million followers on Facebook.

"I truly appreciate all the love and support my fans have shown me. To have 1 million likes on Facebook is a blessing from God,” Omar said in an exclusive statement sent to IBTimes-AU.

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Omar became an Internet sensation in April 2013 when news broke out that a man was identified with two others who were thrown out of the mid-east country because officials fear he may have an impact on women - - one that’s not accepted in any religious norms of the country.

But his revelation that the deportation story WAS FAKE came following a report by Islawmix in June that “Al Gala, and the two other mystery men, were not deported from Saudi Arabia, nor were they kicked out of the heritage and cultural festival.”

The news outlet noted that the head of the Mutawaeen, Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, claimed that “Al Gala received several complaints because he was dancing inappropriately in a family section of an event. As a result, he was questioned by members of the National Guard, but he was not asked to leave the festival, let alone the country.”

It took Omar almost three months before admitting that he was never thrown out of Saudi Arabia, despite queries from media networks, including IBTimes-AU.

Omar is set to appear in a big short film project, 51, and he had revealed plans to come out with a documentary that will tell the whole deportation story.

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