U.S. President Donald Trump listens during a briefing on hurricane Harvey recovery efforts in Dallas, Texas, U.S, October 25, 2017.
U.S. President Donald Trump listens during a briefing on hurricane Harvey recovery efforts in Dallas, Texas, U.S, October 25, 2017. Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Some faculty members at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have approved a motion to revoke the honorary degree of United States President Donald Trump. They were specifically pointing to some of the POTUS’ statements, which they said were “inconsistent with the character and high standards expected of honourees.”

Lehigh Valley Live reports that almost 83 percent of faculty members who took part in the ballot agreed to the motion, calling on the university’s board of trustees to annul the degree. The university had awarded the honorary degree to Trump in 1988.

The motion states that the POTUS is unworthy of the honour. It will be submitted to Lehigh’s board of trustees.

A preamble to the motion says that statements made by the president do not meet the university’s standards for respectful discourse where differences of opinion exist. The motion also states that a member of Lehigh’s on-campus community who makes one of these statements shall be subject to disciplinary action. Taken in their entirety, he or she would be at risk of dismissal.

“By staying silent we are bystanders; we normalize hate speech, condone discrimination and bullying; we enable people in positions of power to corrode the foundations of civil society; and we abdicate our commitment and responsibility to uphold and sustain our core values,” the motion adds. The university’s board of trustees has the final say on whether Trump’s honorary degree will be revoked or not.

Lehigh University spokeswoman Lori Friedman said in a statement emailed to The Washington Post that the university affirms the right of every community member to express views. She added that free expression and inquiry are important to a thriving academic community. The faculty motion has not yet been formally submitted to the trustees.

The motion was not the first attempt to get the POTUS’ honorary degree revoked. A petition signed by students, alumni and staff called for the university to do so days before his inauguration.

A Lehigh graduate named Kelly McCoy started a Change.org petition following Trump’s response to the deadly protest that involved white supremacists and KKK members in Charlottesville, according to Allentown, Pennsylvania newspaper The Morning Call.

The online petition has garnered over 31,000 signatures. Both were denied by the trustees. This time, the recent motion is the first to come from faculty members. This was confirmed to the Post by professor Douglas Mahony, chair of the faculty steering committee.