Fans of Naughty Dog’s latest hit blockbuster has received a new update for its multiplayer mode. This brings in a few balances and adjustments, specifically for its weapons and Mysticals.

According to GameSpot, “Uncharted 4” weapons have been balanced so that only two can be placed at one time. There are also changes in fire rate for the Jackal, the Mettler M-30 and the Aegis 9mm. Some weapons like the Raffica, the Spezzoti 12 Gauge and the M14 Custom have been tweaked for more effective use, while the MP34a max ammo has been reduced from 120 to 90. Overall, weapons and mods also received blindfire reduction.

Prices for mystical have also been changed. The Cintamani Stone has increased in the subsequent purchase pricing. Previously, it had $600, $900 and $1,200 price increments now increased to $700, $1,050 and $1,400.

The Staff of Ayar Manco has also seen an increase even in starting price. However, pricing increments for subsequent purchases have been changed to make it cheaper for later buying. Both Mysticals are now priced starting at $400.

The loadout point cost for Spirit of Djinn has been reduced from four to three. Also, the unlock requirements for the mods of Indra’s Eternity has been fixed.

There was another recently released Live Update for ‘Uncharted 4,” which has fewer changes. Patch 1.05.020 has the following changes:

  • Uncharted TV playlist update
  • Updated Jackal Hero Weapon LP cost
  • Fix Nadine and Sully’s Jackal stat bars
  • Fix Nadine’s Mettler M-30 stat bar
  • Fix Jackal hero weapon LP costs
  • Swapped the Spirit of the Djinn mod order
  • One-use Booster Chest price has been properly adjusted

“Uncharted 4” has been out for almost a month, but it’s still enjoying a high spot in the charts. Metro reported that even new release “Overwatch” was not able to keep the top spot for individual formats in the UK top 40.

Sony also listed over PlayStation Blog that “Uncharted 4” is enjoying the top spot for its PS4 platform, still a place above “Overwatch” and above other games like “Doom,” “Rocket League,” “Minecraft PS4 Edition” and “Battleborn.”