"Overwatch" is Blizzard's newest colourful shooter title. Blizzard

With the next update for “Overwatch” teasing Competitive Play, Blizzard has been coy about when exactly it will come out. However, as far as their planned implementations go, there will be changes that take into mind the beta successes as well as some feedback from the community.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed a few plans for Competitive Play. The feature will bring in a completed version of what was seen in the beta. The system that will be introduced in “Overwatch” will be skill-based.

What this meant was that a player will never really have a secured ranking. As per progression-based system, which was the beta’s version, it appeared that all of the players had the chance to get to heroic rank. There was also no way for one player to drop out of a rank even after so many losses. For the update in the actual game, the developer has gone with a skill-based approach. This means that there will no longer be a safety net for every tier—every loss and win will matter.

To get matches for Competitive Play, the system will follow the quick play matchmaking. Players will be matched with the same members in a group with more or less matching skills. There are only choice and extreme times wherein the system will match a player with a different group size.

According to Kaplan, the plan is to pen Competitive Play with this matchmaking system. The developer will monitor it as it goes to see if changes need to be done.

Apart from the matchmaking, “Overwatch” fans may want to do a little more digging and waiting. While the new hero Sombra has been the talk of the town, it appears that there’s still a lot more to now about the new hero.

“We have put a lot of hints, all over the game and out of the game, so I would say it’s about time that people are concerned with who Sombra is. I hope they keep researching more and find more hints that are out there,” said Kaplan to Eurogamer. It appears that there is still more to discover about Sombra left for the community.

One other thing that players appreciate in “Overwatch” is the rather strict and effective way by which Blizzard is keeping cheaters out of the game. According to PC Gamer, cheaters are rewarded with bans even when buying a new copy of the game.

One case cited showed that the cheater had used a d3d11 hack during the beta and got banned a day following the launch. Even when buying a new copy and avoiding all forms of hacks, it seems that the cheater was marked in some other way that is harder to fool.