Craig Federighi, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Speaks on Stage During an Apple Event in San Francisco
Craig Federighi, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Software Engineering speaks on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California. Reuters Reuters

Apple's upcoming MacBook Air update has been making headlines with reports suggesting it will come with the Retina treatment finally.

A new report via Tech Radar now suggests that people may have more to look out for as the laptop line may sport an even thinner build. The site suggests that the upcoming MacBook will sport an ultra-thin as well as lighter build compared to other models on top of its "fanless" design.

Several reports claimed previously that Apple has chosen Intel's Broadwell chips to run the new line allowing it to be fanless. The chassis will be redesigned for a quieter but high performing Mac. Taking inspiration from its iPhone and iPad products, Apple will also offer the MacBook in three colors: two shades of grey and gold.

Analysts remain divided on the release of the laptop line. Nonetheless, a report from Digitimes reveals that the pilot production for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air should start late 2014 with mass production around the first quarter of 2015. The site further notes that the information came from "sources from the upstream supply chain."

However, details remain scarce about the commercial launch of the product. Some claim that the MacBook Air update may launch with the Apple Watch while others see a later release around the second of 2015. Apple has not released or commented officially about the matter. Thus, people should always take leaks and predictions with a grain of salt.

Other reported specs of the device include a 12-inch display, Retina technology offering up to 220 pixel density with resolution lower than 2560 x 1440. There should also be USB Type C connectivity with Apple reportedly limiting shipment to target the "high-end" market even more.

Quanta Computer has been linked as the new manufacturer but the company refused to comment about the matter including production.