Ultimate Warrior's Death a Conspiracy? Did the Illuminati Give the Former Pro Wrestler His ‘Ultimate’ End? Vince McMahon Want to Kill Him?

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Was Ultimate Warrior's death a conspiracy? Did the former pro wrestling legend predict his own death? Did Vince McMahon want to kill him, which is why he was inducted to the Hall of Fame? Even though the cause of Ultimate Warrior's death has already been revealed, there are conspiracies circulating online and people manifesting all fantasies claiming that his sudden demise was something sinister and even regarded it as an Illuminati sacrifice.

Ultimate Warrior Predicted His Death

Illuminatiwatcher.com reported about the conspiracy that the Ultimate Warrior somehow knew that he was going to die when he indirectly spoke about death on his WWE speech when he also gestured two Illuminati hand signals, the "Mano Cornuto" also known as the devil horns and the "666" symbol. The Web site also mentioned Ultimate Warrior's weird action as soon as he put on his mask with his trademark signature face paint during the said speech when it looked like he had transformed to his alter ego. Having an alter ego, apparently, is very common especially in musicians like Eminem, Beyonce, and Jay-Z as examples, who have the alter egos of "Slim Shady," "Sasha Fierce" and "Jay-Hova" respectively. Another questionable area that the Web site further delved on was the storyline that Ultimate Warrior got involved with back in 1991 when he was buried alive by The Undertaker, which led him to put all his trust to fellow wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts in an effort to learn about the dark side so that he can plot his revenge only to find out he was being deceived in the end. It is also worth noting that Ultimate Warrior's death came after The Undertaker suffered his first-ever defeat in his wrestling career. It is mind-boggling. The Illuminati has been linked to questionable deaths in recent years, such as that of Amy Winehouse and Paul Walker.

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Vince McMahon a Mastermind?

In a YouTube clip by KilltheOrderHD, it explains that alleged participation of Vince McMahon to Ultimate Warrior's death. It said that the late 54-year-old wrestler was only brought back because World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) only wanted to make humungous amount of money from him. A few days before his death, Ultimate Warrior has been honoured in the WWE Hall of Fame. He also appeared in Wrestlemania 30 and RAW as well as in the new video game "WWE2K14." It is no secret to hardcore WWE fans that Ultimate Warrior and WWE used to have bad blood between them. They were engaged in a series of lawsuits in 1996 and 1998 because both parties were claiming they own the "Warrior" and "Ultimate Warrior" characters. After which, Ultimate Warrior had spoken ill about WWE and their lawsuit had resulted in bad publicity for the latter.

It has only been recently that the Ultimate Warrior patched things up with WWE and McMahon. Did McMahon take his revenge by participating in his death?

"Vince needed Warrior back one way or another because during Warrior's era, he was a huge draw. Vince is all about the money, nothing else. Warrior spoke out against the company for years but many people turned a blind eye. During his final speech, he looked exhausted and flushing red, before performers go out on stage their health is checked upon, why wasn't Warrior examined? Maybe WWE knew and Vince saw it coming."

Click here to watch the eye-opening video. Should the people just forget all about these conspiracy talks? Is there really something fishy about his death? Ultimate Warrior isn't really the first to die surprisingly and without warning. It happens all the time. Maybe people should stop thinking about these conspiracy theories.


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