Ukrainian Man Shaves Near Russian Ork Rocket Hanging From His Ceiling, Clip Goes Viral

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Russia has focused its offensive on eastern Ukraine after being repelled from the capital Kyiv
Russia has focused its offensive on eastern Ukraine after being repelled from the capital Kyiv

The video clip of a Ukrainian man shaving his beard as a missile hung from the ceiling in his kitchen has been going viral on social media.  

In the clip, which was shared on Reddit, the undisturbed man also shows off the part of the ceiling where the undetonated rocket entered his home.

The caption of the post read, “A piece of a Russian ork rocket flew into the home of a Ukrainian.” 

The unidentified man could be seen in the video casually shaving in the sink with the large rocket -- taller than him -- hanging down to his right side. 

The video has created a buzz on the internet, with several people noticing the calmness of the man despite a missile striking his home. 

“Bruh i won't go into my room if there's a spider this man is shaving with a rocket,” one user wrote. Another said, “A piece? Isn't that the whole dang rocket?!” A third user added, “Honestly, that would make a pretty awesome lamp once s--- calms down. Provided it doesn't still have a live warhead attached.”

According to the person who shared the clip, it was the upper stage of the rocket, which was why it didn't explode.  

It remains unclear when the rocket hit the house. The location of the house where the video was taken was also not known.

Russian forces launched their offensive against Ukraine on Feb. 24, and, since then, several civilians have been killed and millions were forced to leave their homes. The fight in Ukraine has entered its fifth month, with no sign of either side slowing down.

On Sunday, Russian strikes hit a residential building in Kyiv, the first attack on the capital in almost three weeks. Following the incident, Ukraine has started urging the G7 leaders in Germany for more support in the matter.

Four people, including a 7-year-old girl, were taken to hospital following the early morning strikes on a neighborhood, said city mayor Vitali Klitschko. Russian forces had carried out strikes against three military centers in northern and western Ukraine, including one near the border with Poland.

The high-profile attacks come ahead of a week of Western diplomacy focused around the G7 and NATO summits.

Photo: AFP / Anatolii Stepanov

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