UFO Sightings Report: E.T. Hexagon Base on the Moon?

Is there an extraterrestrial life base on the moon?
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Is there an extraterrestrial life base on the moon?

Myths that there are some extraterrestrial bases on the moon have persisted through the years. Paranormal believers across the world have no solid evidence but such a belief is still popular today.

Scott C. Waring, of ufosightingsdaily.com, featured some recent photos of what could be a "hexagon base" on the moon.

Waring acknowledged Youtube user "Streetcap1" for this video clip. He said he studied the image direct from the source and noted some findings.

"One is some structures inside a crater, another is a starfish-like building and another a wide tower with a crown and an opening like a door on a massive scale. Clearly there are more structures to be found in this lunar photo," Waring wrote.

Jim Kane of gather.com noted some resemblance between the UFO Baltic Sea image and the "structure" in Waring's report.

The belief that there is an alien life form on the moon was featured in the now-defunct X-Files paranormal series. In the first season episode, a lunar E.T. prevents more astronauts from completing journeys out of space to protect alien space territory.

Man on the Moon and UFO Claims

In real life, twelve people have so far walked the surface of the moon. The first historic steps were made by Buzz Aldrin and the late Neil Armstrong.

In 2005, it was widely reported that Aldrin claimed seeing an unidentified flying object orbiting the moon. It was for a documentary called "First on the Moon: The Untold Story." However, Aldrin later said the documentary edited the part where he explained the space crew's conclusion that the UFO could be one of four detached spacecraft adapter panels.

In a 2007 appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," Aldrin said he and the rest of the space crew were "99.9 per cent" sure the flying object was actually the detached panel.

VIDEO: Alien base on the Moon?

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